More about us

The Native Organizers Alliance, a project of the Alliance for a Just Society, is dedicated to building the organizing capacity of activists, organizers and groups building people’s power among native peoples across the continent. It also provides a forum for Native organizers and organizations to work in collaboration with each other, share best practices, and promote their work with national allies.

The Native Organizers Alliance (NOA) supports grassroots-driven social change particularly to advance the health and welfare of rural and urban communities and reservations across Indian Country.

Our goal is to help local organizers engage those most affected by disenfranchising policies and lead policy change efforts that address root causes, develop leaders and build organizational strength.

We work closely with organizations to develop plans, execute campaigns and provide ongoing contact as campaigns proceed. NOA has developed and leads a four-day Native Organizing Training annually to provide culturally appropriate training to community organizers, service providers, tribal government members and leaders. Skill-building webinars and issue briefings are also held on a regular basis.


Our goals:

  • Build and support a network of Native organizers and organizations that believe in grassroots organizing for change;
  • Organize training and capacity-building opportunities, locally and nationally;
  • Provide technical assistance to community and service groups, and tribal governments;
  • Support funding for campaigns in partnership with allies to increase the impact on Indian Country;
  • Seek funding for campaigns to advance the work of organizations in the Native Organizers Alliance network;
  • Develop both social and traditional media opportunities to highlight Native organizing efforts.